Finding Sandler The Opportunity
In the fall of 1998, David Seth Cohen, fresh out of college, set out to pursue his dream of working in the film industry. With little luck and after months of searching, he felt forced to accept a low paying gig as a lighting assistant for a local Wedding Photographer. Unhappy with the pay and feeling pressure from his parents to get a "real job", David finally got the break he deserved. He was awarded the role of Production Assistant in the costume department for a feature film in New York City titled Guy Gets Kid...or as we all came to know it, Big Daddy.

David was thrilled. Not only was this a step in the right direction but it also happened to be starring his hero - Adam Sandler! Throughout production there were very few moments where David had any real interaction with Adam...until one fine day, when fate came knocking.

David was asked to drop off Adam’s suit for the premiere of The Waterboy to the front desk of Adam's apartment building and then to give his colleague a ride home. What David thought was another typical gopher task soon became a life-changing moment.

Finding Sandler The Surprise
The doorman sent David up to Adam’s apartment to deliver the suit directly to him and it was Adam who answered the door.

Finding Sandler The Surprise
Adam invited David to come in, hang out and have a drink with him.

Finding Sandler The Problem?
His fellow production assistant was waiting in the car for her ride home.

Finding Sandler The Decision
Do the right thing, pass on the drink and take her home.

There would be other chances, right?


Finding Sandler The Regret
Almost 10 years later, David turned 30 and was living in his grandmother’s basement. His film-making dreams had been set aside while he toiled away as a producer for a local Catholic Television Station, whichwais a little unorthodox considering David's Jewish. Feeling lost, restless and unhappy, David couldn't help but wonder what would have happened had he just stayed for that drink.

Finding Sandler The Dream
One night, during a vivid dream, David found himself traveling to California to try and find Adam.  Although no one he ran into would help him, somehow, David found him.  They immediately clicked and began walking and talking until suddenly David awoke with a jolt.  Driven by his dream, David knew he would never stop wondering "what if?" unless he did something about it.

Finding Sandler The Quest
Armed with a video camera, some money from his family and a few friends acting as crew, David risked everything to recapture that very moment he had regretted for so long - an opportunity to hang out and share a drink with hero - laughing, sharing stories, discussing dreams, becoming life long friends and who knows?

While traveling across the country with his crew, they weaved through a maze of makeshift contacts and never took no for an answer. David’s charisma and persuasiveness earned him support from many celebrities - Billy Joel, Emeril Lagasse, Mick Foley, Carmen Electra, Dee Snider, Paul Schaffer and Radioman - who all felt David's passion and kept his spirits up.

Enduring unexpected twists and turns along the way, this documentary film represents an at times chaotic, yet always charming quest by one man determined to work his way into the inner circle of one of the most successful entertainers of our time.

Will David find Adam Sandler? Will they have that drink?  Will it live up to his expectations?  While the final outcome is a mystery, it’s during this inspirational adventure that David realizes on his mission to Finding Sandler...he finds himself.